Not at market

Hey Friends,

Bee Simple won’t be at Tower Grove Farmer’s Market this Saturday, 8/2 or the next, 8/9.  We’ll be back with our high quality microgreens, soap, herbs and honey on 8/16.  We’ll miss seeing all of our friends and loyal customers!  You know who you are.  We hope to see you when we get back.  If you are suffering from sunflower microgreen withdrawal I think Fields Foods sells our good friend Hosco Farm’s microgreens.

See you soon!

Mary and James

Bee Simple

Ideas for Microgreens

People that love our sunflower micro-greens still often ask us what to do with them?  There are the obvious uses, like salads, wraps, and sandwiches. I like sharing how many of our customers use them in smoothies, juice them, or put them in a stir-fry.  Well here is what I did yesterday:  I wanted a little trail-mix type snack but healthier than those with chocolate etc.  So I threw this together — just sunflower shoots, salted cashews, and raisins.  I loved it!  If you try something similar let us know!

IMG_2283 IMG_2282

More soap coming soon!

We’ve been making some batches of soap that will be hitting the market in the next few weeks.  We have a citronella lemongrass that can be used as insect repellant and for bathing.  And the ever popular and sold-out quickly cinnamon soap will be back in a few weeks!  Here’s some photos!

IMG_2279 IMG_2278