The honey we sell we didn’t make, the bees did.  But we took it from them and got a few stings in the process!  Our bees live about a mile north of the arch at New Roots Urban Farm.  They get to drink lots of nectar from sustainably grown produce and the many wildflowers around them.  We don’t process our honey or heat treat it in any way, which means that all of the enzymes and natural goodness is still in the honey.  But it also means that it can crystallize.  Here’s one person’s very informative post about crystallized honey and here is a wiki on how to de-crystallize it.

Also we like keeping our honey in glass jars which are less permeable than plastic and we think better.  Bring back your jar to us and get a dollar off your next honey purchase!

IMG_2163 IMG_2161

bees making honey!                                      New Roots Urban Farm

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