We grow a lot of sunflower microgreens because we love them and others do too!  Here’s some of the nutrition information that we’ve found on them?  Sunflower Microgreens Nutrition link 1, and link 2.  Besides that, they just taste good too.  People ask us how we eat them…  mostly just straight as a snack, but we’ll mix them in salads or throw them on sandwiches.  Pictures coming soon of the whole growing process!

We will also be coming to market with more beet microgreens.  Everyone who tried them loved them!  And we’ll be bringing even more options with arugala microgreens (spicy!) and basil microgreens (yummy!).  Come and get em!


sunflower micros

2 thoughts on “Microgreens

  1. I had the pleasure to meet you this past Sat. at the Farmers market off of Tower Grove in St Louis and was impressed with the hygienic quality of your microgreens. We purchased your product and added same to our dinner salad for a delightful meal.

    Take care and stay well…

    Eric Lorenz
    The Garden Alchemist

  2. Hi I am a private chef with Big City Chefs my name is Heather and I have a few events coming up one on the 10th of feb, 14th and 29th. I am looking for microgreens and I’m in need of help ASAP. Thank you!

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